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Luxurious Modern Homes

Your Home in just 6 months ? Yes it is possible to get your house key, in just 6 months!


Advantageous Building Complex

The Building Complex sits in one of the busiest areas in Strovolos, where all the grand brands offer their services. The Building sits on a 3033 square meters and is consisted from a Great Basement, the main Floor and the Front Showrooms.


Unfinished Modern Luxurious Villa

Unfinished Modern Luxurious Villa
with a swimming pool. Right on the main road to Zygi  Larnaca! Unlimited sea view!

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Aleshiam Real Estate Construction  Co Ltd

The Company is established in 1992 in Nicosia Cyprus. Serves as a Real Estate and construction development, in all the cities of Cyprus, but also overseas.                    

Aleshiam Real Estate presents the latest land and developement opportunities that serious investors don't want to miss.


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